Barb Reisner


Barb has a M.Ed., in Health Promotion and a M.S. in School-Rehabilitation Counseling. .Barb is the Director of Michigan's Dickinson-Iron Great Start Collaborative and Co-Director of Our Place Community Center-Imagination Factory. Barb has primary leadership responsibilities focusing on marketing, office management, training and community engagement.

Jonathan Ringel


Jonathan his M.S. in Urban Development. Jonathan is a key leader and decision maker for OPCC-IF. In his role as Co-Director, Jonathan is very involved in community advocacy, event planning and fund development. Jonathan is also the Director of the YMCA and the Parent Coordinator the Dickinson-Iron Great Start Collaborative.

John Estes


John is a Licensed Professional Engineer, with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. John is very involved in many volunteer organizations and enjoys sharing his highly trained Labrador Retrievers with local school children. John is a leader with a high level of commitment and passion for children. As OPCC-IF President, John is a key decision maker and problem solver with great experience and wisdom.

Cherie Fila

Exhibit Committee Coordinator

Cherie is the key leader for the Imagination Factory Exhibit Team. Cherie's exhibit team has been researching, discussing and prioritizing exhibit selections for the past two years. Cherie's career background is in early childhood and we greatly value her expertise.